Caitlin Rue Wright

Growing up in Missoula, Montana, I developed a passion for historical architecture at an early age. Beginning with trips to crooked ghost towns tucked away in the mountains and visits to once-splendorous mining towns now fallen into disrepair, I soon found myself in a love affair with the richness of the old buildings and the stories held within them.

I have always had a habit of envisioning the potential of a space, not only for aesthetics but for the life that could be led there. I believe that the space in which we choose to live should be as close of a reflection of ourselves as possible. Whether minimalistic and modern, historic and bohemian, or any combination therein, finding beauty in the spaces that surround us can add a certain richness to our lives.

I spent the majority of my twenties hopping from one historical building to the next, relishing the tasks of painting and decorating, and often refinishing floors and woodwork myself. Throughout the process I developed a knowledge of historical and modern construction techniques as well as the potential flaws and hazards of living in an older building.  

After eloping in a walnut orchard in the southwest of France, my husband and I chose to move to Portland in 2010 because we were drawn to the creative opportunities (not to mention the delicious food) that could only be found in Portland. Since our move, I have pursued creative interests such as working as an upholstery apprentice to working as a design assistant for a renowned local firm located in NW Portland.

My husband and I realized our dream of homeownership when we bought a tantalizingly neglected 1908 bungalow in St. Johns, closing in the same month as the birth of our first daughter. We kept ourselves busy tearing down and putting up walls, pulling up carpet and tile to refinish original floors, and dealing with the inevitable issues that can arise with owning an older home (and not to mention first time parenthood). All in all, it was a wonderful learning experience for me and one that I think will directly benefit those clients of mine that are interested in buying an older home. Through my personal experience in Real Estate as well as my experience in the Portland design scene, I feel that I have developed a unique range of skills that sets me apart from the average broker. I am truly passionate about what I do and am eager to share my knowledge and love of Portland so that you too may find a home in which you will thrive!