Christopher Frick

As a life long Portlander I have had the pleasure of watching my funky “little” home town mature into the wonderfully hospitable and diverse city it has become. As a Realtor for almost 20 years I have had the pleasure of helping clients take one step forward towards planting their roots in this vibrant community. Portland has come a long way.

I was raised in the Beaumont neighborhood back when you could run across Fremont to avoid a water balloon without bothering to look both ways. After travelling overseas then attending U-of-O I returned to Portland and realized just how amazing this city is as a place to call home.

Beginning as a Realtor with new construction infill development in Portland’s Outer-East side I gravitated back to my roots in the Inner-East and began restoring vintage homes in the Eliot, King and Wilshire neighborhoods. The proximity to services, culture, funkiness, and food drew me in. The sheer beauty & quality of the classic homes in Portland’s core sealed the deal.

My family and I are still in the Eliot neighborhood and are still excited about the opportunities Portland has to offer. My children will never know the sleepy, kinda hippie, little town I was raised in. They will know the food is great here, the people are nice here, riding your bike is not just for kids here, and none of us would rather be anyplace but here.

Portland has come a long way and I would love to be a part of helping you find your home here.